Current Sea
Current Sea

Current Sea

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Competition Documentary Feature

Current Sea

Directed by: Christopher Smith

USA/Malaysia, 2020, 87m

Southeast Premiere

At this moment in history, when people all around the world feel disempowered and unable to stop the relentless attacks on the environment, eco-thriller Current Sea reminds audiences that the actions of a few dedicated people can positively affect the world, while it also reveals the ethical dimensions and complexities of doing activist conservation work. When investigative journalist Matt Blomberg and ocean activist Paul Ferber team up, the drama of their dangerous and sometimes controversial efforts to create a second marine conservation area in Cambodia unfolds. These environmental crusaders risk bodily harm to confront the hordes of illegal Vietnamese fishing vessels that scrape the ocean floor clean every night—habitat destruction that includes the depletion of seahorses. Along the way, the eco-activists help establish a new generation of Cambodian environmentalists inspired to create a better life for their people.

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