Class Action Park
Class Action Park

Class Action Park

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Competition Documentary Feature

Class Action Park

Directed by: Chris Charles Scott and Seth Porges

USA, 2020, 90m

World Premiere

During its 1980s and 1990s heyday, New Jersey’s Action Park was known as the world’s most dangerous amusement park. It was as if the Wild West were transplanted into an ‘80s teen comedy—owned by shady businessmen, ruled by drunk teenage employees, and frequented by even more inebriated teenagers. No one seemed to care that the rides ignored basic notions of physics, common sense, and safety. This story goes from dream to nightmare, however, when reality sets in. There are real life consequences to such flagrant disregard for people in order to maximize profits. Still, fond nostalgia flows from almost every person interviewed who went there as a kid, including hilarious comedian Chris Gethard. In the age of helicopter parenting and introverted social exchanges on the internet, Class Action Park is a jaw-dropping document of the last generation of kids who were given free rein to hurt themselves in the name of fun.

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