Brooklyn 45

Brooklyn 45

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Midnight Movies

Brooklyn 45

Directed by: Ted Geoghegan

USA, 2023, 92m

East Coast Premiere/2nd US Screening

Set on a freezing evening in December 1945, five military veterans gather in the ornate parlor of a Brooklyn brownstone. Best friends since childhood, they have reunited to support their troubled host (genre stalwart Larry Fessenden)—but when his invitation for cocktails turns into an impromptu séance, the metaphoric ghosts of their past become all-too-literal. This supernatural chamber drama evokes the spooky vibe of early television shows like Lights Out and Armchair Theater, and features a group of incredible performers, including Anne Ramsay (A League of Their Own), Ezra Buzzington (The Hills Have Eyes), and Kristina Kelbe (Rob Zombie’s Halloween) working at the top of their game and trapped in a cat-and-mouse thriller with—perhaps—no way out! Like Geoghegan’s past work (Mohawk and We Are Still Here), this masterful screenplay is cracking with snappy dialogue, all in service of pushing this twisting and turning film towards its epic conclusion.