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Midnight Movie


Directed by: Henry Jacobson

USA, 2018, 97m

East Coast Premiere

*Talent in attendance for second screening


Evan Cole (Seann William Scott, American Pie) is a quiet social worker with a seemingly perfect life: a loving wife, a healthy baby boy and a meaningful job where he helps troubled teens. It’s where the helping comes in that poses a problem for Evan’s wholesome way of life. See, Evan is a serial killer who violently tortures those that are causing his patients harm. For a while Evan manages to conceal his twisted double life from his wife, but when his overbearing mother (Dale Dickey, True Blood) comes to visit, the cracks in Evan’s well-mannered façade burst open with a flood of blood and bodies. A darkly-comedic take on a Dexter concept, director Henry Jacobson makes a stylistic feature debut for Blumhouse Productions and delivers an arterial spray-soaked spectacle, with a pulsing synth-score and bathed in Argento-esque lighting. Scott trades his jovial jockster image as a man struggling with doing right by doing wrong in a performance that ranges from pressure cooker to American Psycho level glee. As the bodies pile up and the film careens wildly toward its shocking conclusion, Evan will have to ask himself how far would he go to protect his family?