Back to Burgundy

Back to Burgundy

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Back to Burgundy

Directed by: Cédric Klapisch

France, 2017, 113m


After ten years abroad, a peripatetic eldest son returns to visit his dying father. His mysterious life away from his sister (now running the family vineyard) and brother (married with overbearing in-laws) unfolds while they work together to keep the estate. Life, death, and taxes; fathers and sons; and the rhythms of seasons and harvests are entwined in this vineyard tale. For years director Cedric Klapisch visited his friend Jean-Marc Roulot—an actor, Meursault grower, and star Burgundy wine-maker who plays the family’s manager and serves as technical consultant to the film. The result is authentic and illuminating. The end-of-the-harvest party scenes alone are worth the price of admission. This beautiful, earthy drama is an intimate look into a disappearing lifestyle. There are fewer and fewer small family-held domains in Burgundy. Several have sold recently as astronomical growth in land value and unaffordable inheritance taxes threaten a bucolic way of life.

France, 2017, 113m, NR, Directed by Cédric Klapisch