At the Video Store

At the Video Store

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Competition Documentary Feature

At the Video Store

Directed by: James Westby

USA, 2019, 72m

Southeast Premiere

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Scattered across America is the last of a dying breed—the video store. Once a cultural mecca, these last bastions of commerce struggle to survive against impossible odds. Some rental houses segue uncomfortably into a new role as cultural museum, while others find lucrative side hustles to buoy their struggling DVD/VHS collections. Be it selling ice cream, drive-thru coffee, or running a gym, the store owners find themselves struggling to hold on despite the inevitable onslaught of progress. Featuring interviews with mega-famous former video clerks like Alex Ross Perry, Todd Haynes, Kevin Corrigan, and Bill Hader, and video tape junkies like Thelma Schoonmaker, Gus Van Sant, and John Waters, At the Video Store explores not just the obsolescence of a beloved technology, but also the death of a kind of uber-cinephile community that will never be replaced by a red box. This surefire crowd pleaser, which is often hilarious but always incredibly earnest, will definitely make you nostalgic for those Friday nights when the film you most coveted for rental would always be checked out.

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