As of Yet

As of Yet

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Competition Narrative Feature

As of Yet

Directed by: Taylor Garron and Chanel James

USA, 2021, 81m

Southeast Premiere

Having endured four months in quarantine, Naomi Parson’s (writer/co-director Taylor Garron) only interactions have been through Facetime, voicemails, and the occasional conversation with her neighbor from her second-story window. Naomi finally makes plans to meet her online crush in person; however, her problematic best friend/roommate decides to return from living in Florida on the same day. Turning to her family, friends, and a digital diary, Naomi grapples with how to balance a waning friendship and the chance for new love, all without leaving her New York apartment. This low-budget comedy—executive-produced by the Duplass Brothers (Drought, FFF 2020)—touches on how the circumstances of the coronavirus pandemic can bring up issues that have been brewing beneath the surface long before lockdown. Told mainly through Facetime and digital footage, with strong performances and witty dialogue, As of Yet is a fresh take on the complex anxieties of the last few years.

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