Anonymous Sister
Anonymous Sister

Anonymous Sister

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Competition Documentary Feature

Anonymous Sister

Directed by: Jamie Boyle

USA, 2021, 94m

Southeast Premiere

Growing up, Jordan Boyle was a competitive ice skater, but the pressure to succeed took its toll on her, both emotionally and physically. Like many others, Jordan suffers from a prescription opiate addiction, which we watch unfold through 30 years of intimate home movies. Our guide through the family’s struggles with addiction and distress is Jordan’s younger sister, director Jamie Boyle. Depicting more than just a family in crisis, Anonymous Sister explores the big business interests that proliferated this man-made epidemic and brought it directly to the nation’s doorstep. Sprawling, ambitious, and powerful, Jamie Boyle’s profoundly impactful storytelling stuns the audience with jaw-dropping twist after jaw-dropping twist in this cautionary tale about how the nation’s opioid usage blossomed over the last two decades.

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