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8x Real

Each year, so many great documentary shorts come our way that it’s impossible to fit them all into the opening slots for our documentary competition features. This feature-length “X Real” program was created to showcase some of our favorites. Don’t be surprised if any of these are being discussed come Oscar®-time next year. They are that special and that good.

8x Real

Abortion Helpline, This is Lisa

Directed by: Barbara Attie, Janet Goldwater, Mike Attie

USA, 2019, 13m

Counselors in Philadelphia spend their shifts at an abortion funding-assistance organization taking nonstop calls from women in the worst situations of their lives. And thanks to the Hyde Amendment, organizations like these don’t have the resources to help all who are in need.

8x Real

Sixth of June

Directed by: Henry Roosevelt

USA, 2020, 15m

In English and French with English Subtitles

In 1944, the rural French town of Sainte-Mère-Église, with a population of around 3,000, was “milestone zero” for arrival of 150,000 allied troops. For the last 75 years, people of all countries, races, and faiths have gathered to commemorate those whose sacrifice changed the world; however, with few veterans remaining, who will preserve their legacy? Winner of the Best Documentary Short at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.

8x Real

The Deepest Hole

Directed by: Matt McCormick

USA, 2020, 12m

The Cold War resulted in many famous competitions between the Soviet Union and the United States—the space race, arms race, etc. A lesser known competition was who could dig the deepest hole in the ground. This is particularly surprising since Hell may have been inadvertently discovered in the process.

8x Real

Charlie’s Lot

Directed by: Tom Carroll

USA, 2020, 11m

Charlie is a pain in the ass. His massive car collection would be fine if he didn’t live in Los Angeles, where he needs to shuffle them from lot to lot every few days to accommodate parking.  How does a society discern between hoarding and preservation? Charlie would say it’s a matter of context.

8x Real


Directed by: Kyungwon Song

USA/South Korea, 2019, 6m

In Korean with English Subtitles

Through stop-motion animation and an interview with her parents, a filmmaker explores a traditional Korean meal honoring her ancestors with unexpected results.

8x Real

Petting Zoo

Directed by: Daniel Robin

USA, 2019, 11m

In 1974, a local news station came into the home of a “normal” suburban family to learn about Jewish rituals. The narrative that was created speaks to how our culture views others. From the director of “My Olympic Summer” (FFF 2008) and “The Rabbi and Caeser Chavez” (FFF 2011).

8x Real

Betye Saar: Taking Care of Business

Directed by: Christine Turner

USA, 2020, 8m

African-American artist Betye Saar reflects on her racially driven work that started with the civil rights movement, and how her art and society have evolved since then. She’s creative, cheerful, and deeply humble. A portrait of a lovely person whose work is still just as relevant today, from the director of “You Can Go” (FFF 2017).

8x Real

Grave Hands

Directed by: Aaron Inman

USA, 2020, 22m

In Vietnamese with English Subtitles

In Nha Trang, Viet Nam, Tống Phước Phúc has made a deal with God—a deal that requires he devotes his entire life to collecting aborted fetal tissue from the local hospitals, naming them, and giving them a proper Christian burial.