5x Real

5x Real

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5x Real

Total Runtime: 101 min

Each year, so many great documentary shorts come our way that it’s impossible to fit them all into the opening slots for our documentary competition features. This feature-length “X Real” program was created to showcase some our favorites. Don’t be surprised if any of these are being discussed come Oscar®-time next year—they are that special and that good.

5x Real

Pickle Man

Directed by: Nastasya Popov

USA, 2019, 16m

After becoming afflicted with ALS, photographer Arthur Cohen starts a non-profit, selling pickles.

5x Real

David and the Kingdom

Directed by: Brian Paccione, Woodrow Travers

USA, 2018, 22.5m

74-year-old David Lawrence really feels he is one with nature. He won’t even kill a mosquito. But his world begins to unravel after the death of two animals he saved.

5x Real

Life Overtakes Me

Directed by: John Haptas, Kristine Samuelson

USA/Sweden, 2019, 40m


The stress of escaping your country as a refugee is overwhelming for an adult. It is even worse for a child. In recent years, several hundred refugee children in Sweden have withdrawn into the stress-related Resignation Syndrome, a sort of “willed death,” remaining in a coma-like state for months or even years.

5x Real


Directed by: Anna Barsan

USA, 2018, 12.5m


Nexus will pay the bond for illegal immigrants. But at what cost to human decency?  Executive produced by Laura Poitras (Citizenfour), “Libre” sheds a disturbing light on how companies gouge the poor.

5x Real

LARP: A Love Story

Directed by: Summre Garber

USA, 2019, 10.5m

Can true love be found within the Live Action Role Playing community? This sweet and funny movie will show you how by using puppet re-enactments.