4x Real

4x Real

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4x Real

Total Running Time: 100 MIN

Commitment is tough for most people. Can anyone stay focused on any single thing? In contrast, this program is all about commitment. It captures four people who’ve spent years, decades, and a lifetime utterly committed to goals the rest of us likely didn’t know existed.

My Favorites

4x Real


Directed by: Afton Quast Saler

USA, 2021, 26m

“My mind feels like somebody emptied the junk drawer onto a trampoline.” When a 35-year-old film student is diagnosed with ADHD, she turns the camera on herself and questions a lifetime of misdiagnosis, mental haze, and those damn gardeners outside. A serious topic handled with surprising charm and humor on the road to self-acceptance.

4x Real


Directed by: Gabriella Canal and Michael Fearon

USA, 2022, 24m

In English and Korean with English subtitles

An indomitable Korean woman, classically trained in dance and voice, builds a successful farming empire in New Jersey. Eager to maintain the family legacy, she prods her once estranged daughter to see the beauty of working the land and to embrace a future in the fields. A new film from the co-director of “No Man’s Land,” FFF 2021 Audience Award for Best Short Film.

4x Real

Time & Temperature

Directed by: Justin Ian Foreman

USA, 2022, 21m

Born into a family with 700 uninterrupted years in the tradition of Venetian glass blowing, Gianni Toso spent a lifetime creating beautiful works of art (including some commissioned by surrealist Salvador Dali). He’s also an Orthodox Jew, a homespun philosopher, and a teacher for glass blowing’s next generation, dedicated to furthering his medium as an art form instead of an industry.

4x Real

How Do You Measure a Year?

Directed by: Jay Rosenblatt

USA, 2021, 29m

Oscar®-nominated filmmaker Jay Rosenblatt (“When We Were Bullies,” FFF 2021 Grand Jury Award for Best Doc Short) has a daughter named Ella. When Ella turned two, Jay started a birthday ritual: he would place her on a couch and ask her a set list of questions. This went on until Ella turned 18, captured here in a quasi-stop motion evolution of a toddler transforming into young woman before our eyes.