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Kristen Manieri

Writer and Founder of GreatDatesOrlando.com

Kristen Manieri is an Orlando-based travel/lifestyle writer and the founder of GreatDatesOrlando.com, a website devoted to sharing date night ideas with local couples. She is the Digital Content Editor for Edible Orlando as well as a regular contributor to Orlando Magazine, Orlando Family magazine, Lake Mary Life Magazine, Forbes Traveler Blog, the Virgin Atlantic Blog, and West Jet’s in-flight magazine, UP!.

My Picks

What I like about these 5 works is the way they each peel back a layer of what it’s like to be in love, to long for love, to fall out of love, and to have blind faith in love. But they’re not your ordinary, homogenous, boy-meets-girl love stories. Each finds its own, unique and creative way to share about matters of the heart and as the viewer you simply can’t help but catch the love bug along the way. 

  • nasty hardcoreXXX amateur couple

    There was something hilariously familiar about this couple handling the hurdles of trying to do something a little spicy together.
  • Fortune House

    This little film reminded me that love is everywhere and for everyone.
  • I loved the heartbreaking honesty and unabashed candor of this documentary about men looking for brides oversees.
  • Oi, Meu Amor

    Some of the best short films have endings that completely catch you off guard. This little gem was one of those.
  • I fell in love with the craziness and sweet naivety of Pete and Sophie.
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