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Kevin Miller and Sam Leininger

Enzian Members and hardcore film lovers

Sam and Kevin met in a film criticism class at Rollins College.  They have been dorking out on movies before and since.  Sam is an English teacher at Edgewater High School and likes any feature film with less than three minutes of dialogue, and Kevin is a CPA and director of finance and accounting at the Atlantic Center for the Arts, and will pause a movie if you want to say something while watching.  Their forthcoming book, About Time Someone Picks Me to Critique Films, is due for release this summer. 

Our Picks

All three of these selections have a fluid relationship with the conventional, prevailing perception - whether that’s from the collective of mainstream media and culture, individual people, or the inevitability of a situation that will not be denied.  The choices the subjects, characters and filmmakers make while responding to these perceptions show how inconsistent “reality” can often be.  

  • The Otherside

    A profile that goes well beyond a famous video or YouTube sensation and manages to feel personal and precise despite spanning decades in a scene.
  • The Bravest, The Boldest

    A palpable example of what happens when theory and scenario is given the shape and weight of actuality.
  • In the spirit of “American Movie” and “Anvil,” a man whose enthusiasm is not tempered by pesky things like situational awareness.
  • Last I Heard peels back some of the mobster stereotypes with two solid performances from Paul Sorvino and Michael Rappaport, with the latter not dropping a false note. He was the hit of the film, and since playing Dick Ritchie in True Romance, I've missed him, his face, his voice... Sorvino's character, Mr. Joe, is forced to outgrow his hard-knock ways for a more graceful way of life. After 22 years in prison, the legendary mobster from the 80s still lives in him alone, and with the help of an old neighbor and his daughter, he deals with some difficult developments on the outside. But certain parts of the "code" can't be ignored.
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