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Jeff Matz & Sarah Collins

Lure Design

Nestled in the Mills 50 district of Orlando, Lure Design is an award winning design firm run by Jeff Matz, Paul Mastriani, and Sarah Collins. They have been working with the Enzian and Florida Film Festival on and off since 1995. Branding, advertising, posters, books and interactive, you name it, they do it. 

Our Picks

  • Keep a Tidy Soul

    Weird. Surprising. Thought-provoking. Like Fellini meets Ted.
  • The Cyclist

    A fave of ours. The story slowly and creatively reveals itself. Beautifully made. 
  • Two young, talented actors deftly handling some pretty difficult content. Creative use of stop motion animation, too.
  • Crime: The Animated Series

    True crime stories are fascinating—especially when they’re visually portrayed through animation.
  • Fishhooks

    With no idea what to expect from the title, this short was a fascinating point of view at a profession many find pretty damn creepy.
  • This quirky, dark comedy had a couple LOL moments for us.
  • Bless You

    A simple bodily function sends you on a trippy, dubstep journey.
  • This rather casual hipster crime spree was funny, insightful and all at once.
  • This one pushes just about every boundary imaginable. It’s freakishly twisted and darkly funny.
  • Memorable Moi

    This short comedy reveals with what one would do if you needed to be thought into existence. Extreme measures.
  • More Than Two Hours (Bishtar Az Do Saat)

    Another favorite - Set in Iran, a tense and heart breaking reminder of the freedom some countries do not provide.
  • A romantic quirky drama that gives you that squeamish feeling of one falling in love with someone half his age.
  • An interesting documentary on the things we will do for art.
  • FFF 2015 April 10-19 Plan Your Trip