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Elizabeth Tiedtke

Executive Vice President, Enzian

As a member of the founding family of Enzian, Elizabeth began watching independent film around the same age that she learned how to use a spoon.  Her career with the Florida Film Festival began in its first year (1992) where she was an official “Door Holder”.  After working her way up through several positions including “Pencil-Passer-Outer”, Projectionist, and Event Coordinator she attained her current position as Executive Vice President.

My Picks

If you enjoy foreign flicks I can highly suggest these.  The frank nature of these films really drew me in.  Each broaches difficult or bizarre themes but with a subtly that lends respect and power to their stories without needing to resort to pomp or flash.  These films truly exhibit what strength visual composition and artful subtext lends to great cinema.

  • The juxtaposition of delicate compassion expressed by a gruff, walrus-like father trying to help his son come out is both sensitive and hilarious.
  • This bizarre film based on a Dostoyevsky novel reminds me of a steam-punk nightmare and is absolutely fascinating to watch.
  • An alcoholic, communist judge takes her catholic nun niece on a journey to find where her murdered parents are buried in this elegant and thoughtful black & white film.
  • This film offers a sweet window into the life of an average family during difficult economic times.
  • FFF 2015 April 10-19 Plan Your Trip