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Eddie Selover

Organizer and host, PechaKucha Orlando

Eddie Selover is the organizer and host of PechaKucha Orlando, the local edition of an international presentation phenomenon. He is also a writer and marketer, speech coach, and certified life coach. A lifelong film buff and scholar, he also writes about movies for publications such as Bright Lights Film Journal and his blog eddieselover.com. Born in Los Angeles, Eddie is celebrating his 10th year as an Orlando resident.

My Picks

  • By turns touching, hilarious and horrifying, this documentary about Christianity in American life allows its diverse subjects to speak for themselves, and often what they say is jaw-dropping. Though it doesn’t take any overt position, the film does illustrate the bizarre intersections between personal belief and politics, between private faith and public expression.
  • Not Anymore: A Story of Revolution

    One has the feeling of catching history on the fly in this short documentary about the struggle in Syria, as narrated by two young people: a journalist and a rebel fighter. Both speak in moving, highly personal terms about the stakes for themselves and their comrades, as the handheld camera follows them through blasted, rubble-strewn streets, making its own eloquent points.
  • Verbatim

    You couldn’t write this stuff: a corporate lawyer’s deposition of a low-level employee stumbles catastrophically over the definition of a certain piece of office equipment. We’ve all had some version of a conversation that swerves from the mundane into the mind-bending... the humor in this brief short comes from knowing the dialogue was taken verbatim from an actual court case.
  • The Numberlys

    In the digital age, a movie’s aspect ratio no longer has to match up with a filmstrip. One result is the rise of Vertical Cinema, in which the image is shaped like a mobile phone app. This short film is based on an app for kids, and is notable for the way its Metropolis-inspired graphic design works within the tall, narrow frame.
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