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Shorts Program 4: Walk on the Wild Side

Total running time: 96 minutes

  • Leonard in Slow Motion
    Leonard in Slow Motion

    Life moves pretty fast, unless you are Leonard (Martin Starr, Freaks and Geeks), a lonely office drone who literally exists in slow motion. 

  • A Long Walk
    A Long Walk

    A tale of tragedy and tolerance as a man revisits his old neighborhood and contemplates a fateful event from his childhood.

  • Me+Her

    When a cardboard puppet loses the love of his life, he must think outside the box to ensure they will be together again.

  • One Please
    One Please

    In this twisted fairy tale, it costs more than a little loose change to pay the ice cream man.

  • Trauma

    Isabelle and her doctor visit her childhood home one dark and desolate night to prove there is nothing to fear in the old attic. Or is there? Shot in glorious 16mm black and white.

  • nasty hardcoreXXX amateur couple
    nasty hardcoreXXX amateur couple

    Like so many others, a couple learns the hard way that it’s never a good idea to make a homemade sex tape.

  • The Cyclist
    The Cyclist

    At the end of the road, a lone rider reflects on the events that brought about the loss of his true love. 

  • Dog Meet Goose
    Dog Meet Goose

    In this dark, uncomfortable thriller, a high school student confronts a registered sex offender with startling results.

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