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Shorts Program 3: Vicious

Total running time: 94 minutes

  • Delicious Ambiguity
    Delicious Ambiguity

    Perfect chaos and romantic intrigue ensue as Lauren reunites a group of friends for an engagement party.

  • Keep a Tidy Soul
    Keep a Tidy Soul

    Flynn has lost her soul…. Please help her find it!

  • The Lipstick Stain
    The Lipstick Stain

    A young girl must reconnect with her father who runs the local funeral home. 

  • Oi, Meu Amor
    Oi, Meu Amor

    It isn't just the language barrier; men are from Mars and women are from Brazil. 

  • First Prize
    First Prize

    A young boy enters his miraculous discovery into the school science fair, but will anyone believe what he has found? 

  • Aftermath

    In a new predatory ice age, two brothers search for a place to call home. 

  • I Love You So Much
    I Love You So Much

    A couple in bed and in love cannot say enough about each other!  From the director of “Old Man” (FFF 2013).

  • Rat Pack Rat
    Rat Pack Rat

    A Sammy Davis impersonator finds himself delivering a lot more than last rites at a fan's bedside.

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