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Shorts Program 2: Satellite of Love

Total running time: 103 minutes

  • Another Time, Maybe
    Another Time, Maybe

    Two New Yorkers meet on the street and struggle to reclaim their shared past in this funny-sad moment in time, artfully shot in black and white.

  • Kush

    A Sikh child and his Hindi classmates try to get home on the day Sikh bodyguards murder Indira Gandhi and India descends into madness. Shortlisted for the 2014 Oscars®.

  • Fortune House
    Fortune House

    A shy waitress and a persistent customer put their faith in fortune cookies in this sweet story from the director of Lbs. (FFF 2005) and “New Boobs” (FFF 2006).

  • Penny Dreadful
    Penny Dreadful

    It all goes wrong for a couple of would-be kidnappers when they grab Penny, who’s not at all what they expect. A rollercoaster of a short.

  • Salvatore

    What does a critically ill pope see in seven minutes on the far side? And what will the Vatican do to keep him from sharing it? 

  • Meet My Rapist
    Meet My Rapist

    Adorable director plays herself in a horrifyingly funny look at the baggage of rape and boyfriends, as personified by a hoodie-wearing schmo she can’t seem to shake. 

  • Verbatim

    This surreal transcript is taken directly from an Ohio Supreme Court deposition, but it’s the performances that make this story of one lawyer’s incredulity writ very large.

  • Gregory Go Boom
    Gregory Go Boom

    An uncomfortable, unflinching, often hilarious portrayal of an obnoxious, wheelchair-bound misfit (Michael Cera, Arrested Development) who yearns for a normal life. 

FFF 2015 April 10-19 Plan Your Trip