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Midnight Shorts

Total running time: 91 minutes

  • Wawd Ahp
    Wawd Ahp

    A rapper cuts off his own head and has sex with it—then the animation begins.

  • Perfect Drug
    Perfect Drug

    When a gang of would-be crooks botch a burglary, one of the guys decides to test the hallucinogenic contents of the haul and winds up on a very bad trip.

  • Yield

    Dead animals are brought back to life in what could only be described as “Roadkill Animation.”

  • Welcome to Dignity Pastures
    Welcome to Dignity Pastures

    Brian Lonano (“The Transmission,” FFF2013) beckons us to visit Dignity Pastures Funeral Home, a full service organization dead-icated to providing a respectful and dignified service ... no matter what. 

  • Whispers

    Shhh ... Can you hear them? The rats are infesting the walls, the halls, the floors, my mind. 

  • Unicorn Blood
    Unicorn Blood

    A pair of cutesy teddy-bears hunt the last unicorns on earth to sate their appetite for tasty magical blood.

  • Jack Attack
    Jack Attack

    What's way grosser than digging the guts out of your Halloween pumpkin? A babysitter, a little boy, and their puppy dog are about to find out.

  • Pineal Warriors
    Pineal Warriors

    When hip-hop legend Blowfly is kidnapped by a race of inter-dimensional geckos, it's up to Miami bass master Otto Von Schirach (“Supermeng”) to save the day and the world.

  • Eczemus

    His name is Eczemus. His dog's name is Dog. They go to the Shitting Field to take a shit.

  • Woman Who Hates Plants
    Woman Who Hates Plants

    For the 3rd consecutive year, Morgan Miller bring his twisted sketchbook animation back to the Midnight shorts program with this bitingly satirical look at one woman's active disdain for botanic organisms.  

  • Liebe (Love)
    Liebe (Love)

    The twisted tale of a young man, a young woman, and the troll under the bridge that just wants to be loved.

  • The Voice Thief
    The Voice Thief

    From the son of legendary avant-garde filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky (El Topo, The Holy Mountain) comes the tale of an opera singer (Asia Argento) who loses her voice, and the struggle to reclaim it amidst a baroque nightmare world filled with cross-dressing midgets and clowns. We guarantee this will be the most insane and surreal film you will see all year!

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