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International Shorts

Total running time: 101 minutes

  • The Parachutist
    The Parachutist

    A young boy’s routine Saturday morning is disrupted when a parachutist crash-lands in his family’s suburban yard. That the airman is wearing a World War II-era Nazi uniform is just the beginning of an unimaginable adventure.  

  • Requiem for a Robot
    Requiem for a Robot

    A worn out male robot with corrupt memory banks suffers from flashbacks of raucous parties and Burning Man! Can he repent for his wayward past?

  • The Fall
    The Fall

    On a mountainside in Northern Norway, Agnes and Ragnar’s rock climbing expedition takes a potentially deadly turn when Agnes discovers a disturbing secret. 

  • Inertial Love
    Inertial Love

    Out on a highway, a couple’s car is running out of gas—and so is their relationship! High speed photography and stop motion magic deliver a new take on love’s cycle.

  • More Than Two Hours (Bishtar Az Do Saat)
    More Than Two Hours (Bishtar Az Do Saat)

    A young couple’s urgent quest for nighttime emergency medical care exposes cultural differences and prohibiting legalities. 2013 Festival de Cannes Official Selection.

  • B-Class Cultural Heritage
    B-Class Cultural Heritage

    An urban skateboarder lands on a manhole—a cultural artifact protected by a shadowy association—and takes an unexpected and possibly lethal penalty.

  • Uproot

    Having entrusted the care of her infant to a nanny, a modern-day working mother in Mumbai becomes frantic when she suspects something is terribly amiss.

  • Cargo

    Stranded in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, a man sets in motion an unlikely plan to protect the precious cargo he carries.

  • Memorable Moi
    Memorable Moi

    An attention-seeker’s outlandish “therapeutic infidelities” are really his desperate attempts to remain in this world—if only he can keep people remembering him!

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