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International Animated Shorts

Total running time: 91 minutes

  • Oh Sheep!
    Oh Sheep!

    No matter what methods their owners employ to keep them apart, two flocks of sheep are relentless in their effort to mingle on the same piece of property. The result is quite funny albeit a bit messy.

  • Noodle Fish
    Noodle Fish

    A little fish embarks on a journey to discover the mysterious world that lies above the water. Will he be up to the challenge?

  • Faces from Places—Japan: Hôjô Jutsu
    Faces from Places—Japan: Hôjô Jutsu

    Step into a watercolor world as this series of mini-documentaries takes you on a trek around the globe. In this installment of the travel diary, a young woman discusses the Japanese practice of rope skills—from traditional martial arts to the naughtier side of things.

  • What is Dead May Never Die
    What is Dead May Never Die

    From the moon landing to movie credits, this hypnotic time capsule of sights and sounds will grab your attention!

  • White Morning
    White Morning

    A twisted and unflinchingly confrontational film about chain-of-command, peer pressure, and the violence of little boys and little men. “If you tell him to do it…he will.” 

  • Sleep Clinic
    Sleep Clinic

    This psychiatric fantasy musical takes us on a mind-melting, Seussian trip through the desperate delusions and sometimes-hilarious hallucinations of an insomniac.

  • In the Air is Christopher Gray
    In the Air is Christopher Gray

    Christopher Gray is a suburban boy who just wants to impress Stacey, the love of his life. And no amount of lemonade in the world can quench his desire. Will his friend’s pet-store purchase help him win over the object of his affection?

  • Tap to Retry
    Tap to Retry

    This frenetic series of clever and colorful super-shorts aims to interpret vague and undefined concepts without adding to the disorientation we all inevitably feel while living in a world where “real” and “virtual” are constantly shifting and mixing.

  • La Ravaudeuse
    La Ravaudeuse

    Told in an eerie world of fabric and wood, this bizarre story of twins who refuse to be kept apart proves that there’s nothing easy about mending a bungled child.

  • Faces from Places—Ivory Coast: Wax
    Faces from Places—Ivory Coast: Wax

    On our second global adventure with Bastien Dubois, we discover a vast array of colorful African fabrics and the stories behind their vibrant patterns.

  • Lonely Bones
    Lonely Bones

    The dark and creepy tale of a one-eyed man who makes his escape from a hotel room, only to enter a hellish world where time and space intertwine.

  • Bless You
    Bless You

    A man taking the subway gets a jolt when the countdown clock inside his brain hits zero.  Prepare for lift-off!

  • Subconscious Password
    Subconscious Password

    When Charles forgets an old acquaintance’s name, we are thrust into a mind-bending romp through the inner reaches of his mind. The latest masterwork from the Oscar® -winning director of “Ryan” (FFF 2005 Audience Award for Best International Short).

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