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Florida Shorts: The Best of Brouhaha

Total running time: 88 minutes

Selected by an industry jury in November as the cream of the crop of the 22nd Annual Brouhaha Film & Video Showcase (made up in part of a year’s worth of monthly FilmSlam winners, one of which is represented here), this formidable collection of Florida student films and indie productions represents some of the finest, most entertaining work to come out of Florida State University, University of Central Florida, Full Sail University, Rollins College, Ringling College of Art and Design, Daytona State College, Trinity Preparatory School, and the local film scene.

  • Runaway Renn
    Runaway Renn

    The principal’s office wasn’t on Renn’s birthday list. Neither was being stuck in the care of her teenage sister. Fed up, she runs away, wish list in hand to make sure she puts the special back in her day…with her older sister hot on her heels.

  • The Fear of Being Uninteresting
    The Fear of Being Uninteresting

    A humorous approach to explain the insecurity of not being intriguing enough. How many ways can a person out-do that one girl who actually listens to jazz and quotes Pablo Neruda on a regular basis?

  • Dead to Rights
    Dead to Rights

    Wilson unwittingly thwarts Death at every turn by doing good deeds.

  • Chicken or the Egg
    Chicken or the Egg

    Henry the pig is addicted to eating eggs, but when he falls in love with a hot chicken named Evelyn, he must decide what comes first—the chicken or the egg.

  • The Past
    The Past

    Disillusioned and alone, Joseph wanders along the beach and discovers buried memories and mysterious glowing cubes.

  • Moonbounce

    On their way back from a birthday party at the park, a stressed-out mother and her rambunctious young son are confronted with a terrible sight—a woman has hanged herself in front of her home.

  • Small Worlds
    Small Worlds

    Macro photography helps us gain a better appreciation of the little creatures that share our environment.

  • Techsquad

    When the Department of Homeland Security needed a new task force to fight modern day crimes, they teamed up one hero cop with one tech-savvy cop to form TechSquad. A 48-Hour Film Project production.

  • The Fly
    The Fly

    A stop-motion action film about the daily adventures of a housefly, set to the music of Jukebox the Ghost.

  • Where is Alice?
    Where is Alice?

    In this new creepfest from the creator of Brouhaha 2011’s closer Séance, a man visits an elderly woman in a mental health institution to ask some questions about her past and it awakens something … something inhuman.

  • Bye Hyungjik
    Bye Hyungjik

    A homesick South Korean student filmmaker in an American film school decides to make an autobiographical film about his desire to go home.

  • The Final Straw
    The Final Straw

    A scarecrow must get creative when a loud crow doesn’t respond to his usual classic methods.

  • Runaway

    A small assumption can cause big problems in this tale of an unfortunate misunderstanding between Stanley and his treasured 1950s refrigerator named Chillie.

  • Little Africa
    Little Africa

    Tom Moore, a biracial cop passing as white, avoids taking sides in skirmishes between blacks and whites in 1921 Tulsa.  But when his fellow officers, who are unaware of his true identity, lead a racist lynch mob to burn the black community they call “Little Africa,” Tom must risk it all to protect his mother from the town massacre.

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