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3 X REAL: The Edge of Madness Documentary Shorts Showcase

Total running time: 84 minutes

  • What I Hate About Myself
    What I Hate About Myself

    The pursuit of ideal Western beauty meets reality TV in an unapologetically exploitive Chinese competition; however, for the young woman who “wins,” the prize of cosmetic surgery exacts a high price.

  • Scattered

    Home movies offer scattered clues and remnants for Lindsay to piece together in divining the truth of her relationship with a troubled and troubling father.

  • Ambien & Aaron
    Ambien & Aaron

    Something else altogether from the director of “Closing Time” (FFF 2006). Overweight and over-medicated, Aaron is not the man he used to be. Chris has reached the end of his rope with Aaron’s mishaps and decides to put an end to it. You may want to look away… 

FFF 2015 April 10-19 Plan Your Trip